A great and highly recommended programme! #repost @jussail __________________ WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS!!!! Please share this information, thank you??…. For all potential students wishing to apply to the 2019 Jus’ Sail Youth Training Programme this is the process we will follow to accept applicants – Eligibility – You must be between the ages of 18-25, a St Lucian citizen, out of work and not enrolled in education. This is a work readiness and training for personal development and success programme. Only those who are most serious about improving themselves and with a determination to take their lives forward in a positive direction may apply. 1. Send an email expressing your interest to RECEIVE AN APPLICATIONS TO – sail@jussail.com 2. We will acknowledge your email and send you an application form by email. 3. The application process is much like applying for work. There are only ten places available and we wish to have a balance of genders so only approx 5 places for males and 5 for females, so it will be a very competitive process, this means your application must be as strong as possible in order for you to be chosen to interview. 6. Interviews will take place in approximately mid MAY and the programme will start in early June and run into July. 7. For more information on what the programme includes you can refer to https://ift.tt/2YO8hur and also watch this short video – https://youtu.be/WImAPKvvaYI Any programme specific questions can be asked by email to sail@jussail.com We look forward to receiving contact from you if you want to apply. @slhta @richardroots1