The LSD Scuba Mobile App

The LSD Scuba app! Free for iPhone and Android, it includes UK & Saint Lucia dive centres, PADI Club & Travel, a FREE log book and much much more! Take a look!   #saintlucia #stlucia #london #app #ios #android #scuba #scubadiving #padiclub #paditravel

Timeline Photos

PADI Divemaster – London School Of Diving

Timeline Photos

UK to Launch History’s Largest Underwater Monitoring System

7 Sun Exposure Safety Tips for Divers

Brand new PADI Club!

Brand new PADI Club! So many benefits and discounts that the price is a no-brainer at under $50! Includes PADI’s Scuba Diving magazine subscription. UK LSD Special – 

Sunset in Rodney Bay

Amazing sky that evening!

Backpacking in Central America

(Latest) Post of Interest: Immy Mobley (yes, my daughter!) is a recent Biology Graduate from London and her aim is to use the ‘pause’ that COVID has enforced on the world to her advantage. Quote: “I have taken a year out of the traditional path that a new graduate may take to travel around Central America with my boyfriend, Josh….

All new Bamboo Cups!

Thanks to the Crafty Islander for producing these amazing customised bamboo cups for our staff! Both boats now carry these instead of plastic cups and they are available to purchase as of now!!!