Scuba Diving FAQs

Scuba Diving FAQs #2: Is it fun? If you enjoy the water or snorkelling it is highly likely that you will enjoy scuba diving! The sensation of being a part of the underwater environment rather than an observer of it is amazing! Scuba diving is also a very social activity – divers of all ages love to swap stories about…

Scuba Diving FAQs

Scuba Diving FAQs #1: What is scuba? Scuba stands for ‘Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus’. It is a unique activity where you can experience the wonders of the underwater world without having to come up for a breath every 30 seconds or so. from Blogger via IFTTT

Sunset in Rodney Bay

After a good day on the water, nothing better than watching the sun go down…cocktails optional!

Back in the water!

Not my best but great to be back in the water! Vick B, Lesleen M and Anse Cochon South dive sites.