The coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted travel and scuba diving operations around the world in an unprecedented way. As the impact of the virus spreading and receding from each country evolves, local regulations adapt, creating a patchwork of situations that is hard to stay up to date with. Is diving allowed in my country? What’s open, what’s closed? Are dive shops…

FREE Online Scuba Diving Video Consultations!

LSD is today launching a brand new service, prompted by current events. We will now be offering FREE one-on-one scuba diving video consultations. These consultations can cover all aspects of diving, from beginner to PADI Pro and including suggestions on travel destinations for when we are all allowed out again! We can also offer FREE group video consultations for those…

Scuba Diver Life: Sustainable Swimwear Brands for Divers

Seven Sustainable Swimwear Brands for Divers 

World Storytelling Day!

In honour of World Storytelling Day! The book was so good that Alice and Mahi thought they would continue into the underwater world. We love it! #worldstorytellingday 

Scuba Diving FAQs

Scuba Diving FAQsFollowing last issue’s article ‘Scuba’s Scary, Right?’ I thought it would be a good idea to delve a little further into investigating this underwater sport. The following tries to answer some of the most common questions asked about scuba diving.Scuba Diving FAQs #1: What is scuba?Scuba stands for ‘Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus’. It is a unique activity where you can…